Style Update: The Camel Vest

If you had asked me if I’d ever pictured myself “being photographed wearing camels walking across my chest,” I think you know I’d tell you that you are crazy. But here we are, on a casual Wednesday, and I’m sharing just that. But truly, I am obsessed. This vest was a discovery of epic proportions as I remember my mom wearing a similar fashion back in the day. It was around the same time Princess Diana was sporting the very same aesthetic. Fast forward 30 years and I’m sitting here nodding my head and thinking “never ever throw anything away… it always comes back around full circle.” But, that’s a lecture for another time. 

Right now, let’s just concentrate on the camels and their insanely fabulous movement into my closet. I cannot get enough. Retailers, please make more of these styles! And bring them out pronto! 

What I’m Wearing:

Leopard Skirt, Camel Vest, Denim Jacket , Bracelets 


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