London Shopping: The Shop at Bluebird Covent Garden

The latest and greatest here isn’t so latest anymore. The Shop at Bluebird Covent Garden opened this summer and, in all honesty, I’m ashamed I’m only just now getting around to shouting loud and proud about it. Bluebird was always one of my favourite shops on the Kings Road. Their edit was impeccable and their layout left every shopper feeling as if they were in the lap of fashion luxury. And just when you think they can’t do any better than they already are, they up sticks and move to a new location. Talk about throwing a girl for a loop. Only this loop has well and truly taken me by surprise. The move to Covent Garden has created a version of The Shop at Bluebird that I could have never dreamt up with my most intense imaginary skills. Every single corner of this shop is impeccably styled and filled with items one will feel they need to instantly have in their possession.

Of course such a shop is extremely dangerous and should come with a warning as you walk in the door reading “excessive spending has been documented in this area.” But, Bluebird is all about offering up the best of the best. And apparently they have a few more offerings in store as the site develops over time. But, at this point, I wanted to put this on your radar, as it’s a bit hidden away in Covent Garden. It’s a fashion set gem and should be on the radar of every individual that loves an interiors and fashion moment in London. This is a moment that will never leave you. The pictures don’t even begin to do it justice. Visit immediately. 

The Shop at Bluebird

Covent Garden

29 Floral Street


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