Style Update: The suits you can wear for work and play

posted on: Friday, 3 August 2018

This summer I tripped upon high street gold. There's no other way to put it. I've never really been a suit wearing girl. Even when I spent 10 years working for an auction house in London, I think I wore a suit once. But, one fateful day in Marks & Spencer, I tripped upon a suit that was linen, looked chic as hell and seemed to be tailor made for me. Then I kept trying on other suits in the same section. That day I left with three complete suits in three different colours. God help me. I was a woman sold on the chicness of the modern day suit, made for work, play and everything beyond. And then all of the sudden, whenever I walked into Marks & Spencer, all I seemed to notice was the suits, again and again. Had they been there all along and I just hadn't noticed or was M&S setting the scene for a major suit revival and I was jumping on the bandwagon? Being an ambassador for the brand, I like to think I am up on these things. But, clearly I wasn't. And I have to treat this like a shopaholics anonymous meeting and admit that in the past two months I have bought five complete suits from the brand, not as part of my partnership but purely because of my obsession with these easy to wear wardrobe changers. 

I want to show you a bit more of this suit and how I styled it, below. But, sadly the suit ended up being so popular that this particular style has sold out. However, there are a number of new suit sets that have popped up online, so I'm going to show you those right now, so you can jump in. You'll most likely see a few more of these sets on FFG in the coming weeks, so watch this space. As always, however, I feel the need to show you now. I know you are super annoyed when I showcase something that can't be purchased. So, check out the suits and then move onto me being a style goofball that's happier than anything ever in a navy blue linen getup.