Getting my Glow on at The Light Salon, Hershesons, London

Yup, that’s my naked face – something you guys should be all too familiar with these days as I try to step away, more and more, from makeup, in the search for healthy, glowy and natural skin. The latest and greatest, that’s been on my list for sometime now to try, is The Light Salon. As they’d just opened doors in the new fancy schmancy Hershesons London, I thought now was as good a time as ever to pop in and check out this miracle treatment I’ve been hearing everyone rave about. 

Now, the name is pretty much spot on. At The Light Salon, the lights do all the heavy lifting. Pre- light therapy, I find myself sitting in a comfortable recliner, pillow in lap and head back. My facialist moves in to cleanse my skin, basically making sure any traces of makeup or the day’s city travelling is completely erased, so that the LED lights can work their magic to the best of their ability. At this point you are probably scratching your head wondering why I’m about to sit under a bunch of lights. Well, if you haven’t heard about the effects of LED lights in beauty as of late, it’s clear you haven’t been reading any beauty blogs or magazines. This is the latest and greatest in skincare technology, according to the experts. It’s a facial that gives you an instant, ready to go out, glow that will last for a good few days. The benefits of LED light therapy are endless. For me, it’s most useful as a calming therapy for my skin as it has an anti-inflammatory effect. But, while it works to calm the skin, it also helps to prolong the benefits by strengthening the skin, boosting collagen and elastin. It’s basically giving you an instant healthy look but also protecting your skin for the future. Need I say more?

I was told I may fall asleep as the lights are quite soothing and the chair is very comfortable. Sure enough, five minutes in, I was sound asleep. I awoke with skin that was dewy and clear with absolutely zero need for makeup. So, after that I stepped into Hershesons for a quick blowdry, an iced latte and I was ready to hit the pavement, late for a very important meeting. But, when I turned up for said arranged meeting I was greeted with a “I’m pretty sure you told me you were suffering from exhaustion but you’ve just turned up looking like you’ve walked straight out of a Monaco yacht club.” Not too shabby, guys. Not too shabby.

For more information, check out The Light Salon online! 


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