FFG Eats: Yauatcha Broadgate Circle, London

The other day I was asked about my first dim sum experience in London. I answered “it was at Yauatcha” and my dining companion laughed and asked me if I’d ever been able to eat dim sum anywhere else since.  It’s fair to say that Yauatcha has a reputation for being one of the finest dim sum teahouses in London and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t say yes to absolutely every opportunity to eat there. Their food is never anything less than spectacular and the locations, with the original in Soho and the newest location in Broadgate Circle, are ideally placed for those looking to work or play carrying on from the meal. For my latest Yauatcha experience, I visited the newest location in Broadgate Circle. In the heart of the city, I was surrounded by suits, but you certainly won’t hear me complaining. There were equal parts business and pleasure taking part all around me, with a view of a most vibrant square where bankers seemed to stream in at a steady rate between the hours of six and nine. The term “hot spot” doesn’t begin to define this booming area. 

While it is booming, it’s not impossible to score a table at Yauatcha in the City. Reservations are suggested, but on occasion there are tables available for those looking for a quick bite to eat. And here’s yet another thing to love about the Yauatcha experience- your meals can be as quick or as drawn out as you see fit. If you simply want to pop in for a cocktail and their divine venison puffs, so be it. However, should you wish to make a night of it with friends, feel free to order the menu in full and watch as a presentation like you’ve never seen before arrives table side, complete with a show of pulling the crispy duck. Usually I would suggest things you must order while in the restaurant, but with Yauatcha I can honestly say you can order anything on the menu and be in safe hands. 

Bottom line here is that Yauatcha needs to be in your City rolodex. It’s a London legend that has multiplied but kept their insanely delicious menu in tact. Visit, indulge and don’t leave without an order of the venison puffs. Yup, worth mentioning twice! Also, for the remaining weeks of summer, makes sure to check out the Tanqueray Ten outdoor space on a beautiful summer’s night. It’s bliss with a view. 



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