FFG Eats: Caramel, London

I discovered Caramel the way most foodies are discovering new restaurants these days – on Instagram. I can’t remember where, but it was a credible source and the pictures had me jumping over to follow the London restaurant on Insta. It was immediately put on my “must visit” restaurant list in my iPhone notes and on my merry way I went. For two months I drooled over Caramel’s instagram. Picture after picture of delish cocktails, savoury indulgences and sweet treats had finally gotten the best of me and I was headed in to give this place a run for it’s picturesque dishes. 

I took with me two of my best critics, both chefs themselves, and my description, to them, of Caramel went a little like this: “it’s a place that seems to feature all the naughtiest foods you can imagine, on one menu, which are served in a gourmet style that somehow makes it ok to indulge over and again.”  Let’s just say I had set in motion a bit of curiosity. So off we went, on a Wednesday afternoon, for a lunch of calorific happiness.

Our first course was made up of cocktails. They were unique to Caramel and perfectly fit for our start to a girls’ lunch with a twist. The cocktails were fruity, packed a punch with alcohol, and made for quite the discussion as they were passed around for tasting. But, the real joy was in deciding to order only appetisers and desserts for our lunch that day. We each picked an item on the menu we were craving and off we went. I went for the buffalo chicken lollipops and scoffed them down like I hadn’t eaten in weeks – which we all know isn’t true. The waiter insisted we try the house fried prawns and I wanted to take his cheeks in my hand and plant a big kiss on him after we made our way through the martini glass overflowing with saucy shrimp. It was truly the best dish on the menu and even today, weeks later, the girls and I are still talking about. That’s how you know a restaurant has a hit. 

In reality, the whole menu was a success. Each bite taken seemed to somehow be better than the last and we started to wonder if they had spiked our drinks. I kid. I can’t remember ever being so complimentary of a restaurant, or having a restaurant live up to its instagram hype. Caramel ticked all the boxes. It’s definitely a place that should be on your radar if you like breaking the diet rules once and a while. Don’t even think about asking for calorie counts. I hope they’d chuck such people straight onto the street. This is a place for pure pleasure with food. Visit, sip beautiful cocktails, enjoy the people watching in the neighbourhood and don’t you dare dream of leaving without trying the fried prawns! 


272 Brompton Road, London


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