The Bicester Village Challenge: Updating a basic summer wardrobe with designer accessories at discount prices

{Written in collaboration with Bicester Village}

I set a bit of a challenge last week, and no it wasn’t just to give myself an excuse to shop. Ok, maybe it was just an excuse for me to shop, but I did it with purpose. I wanted to prove that we can instantly update our existing wardrobe to look fresh for the season with the addition of just a few well chosen accessories. From bags to bracelets, sunnies to shoes, any outfit can look “now” with the help of a little investment in the right place. So leave the idea of buying a whole new wardrobe to those with a lack of imagination. For the real style gurus, we accessorise to keep the game fresh. And when we need designer accessories without bursting the budget, every lady in the know in London will tell you that Bicester Village is the place to go to source your materials. On a Tuesday night, I put together a series of looks that I thought represented the average closet. Most women own a black outfit from head to toe, a chic preppy weekend look, a floral dress, a little white dress and a suit for work. I packed these looks and headed to Bicester to give them an accessories update and the end result looks a little something like this. With all the items coming in at between 70-90% off retail prices, I think even my bank manager would be proud of what I achieved at Bicester Village for shopping bargains. 

Let’s start with the floral dress. While the dress itself is a statement piece, I decided to go big or go home and paired it with three statement accessories that can hold their own.

What I’m wearing for accessories from Bicester Village stores:

Necklace from Anne Fontaine

Bag from Roberto Cavalli

Glasses from David Clulow

Next up we have the work suit. In this weather, I’m hoping yours is linen! There is so much that can be done to update a basic suit for work. But, if you’re looking for a simple change, simply throw on a statement earring. The bolder, the better! Carrying a bag that pops out in colour will also completely change the look and feel of your work wear!

What I’m wearing for accessories from Bicester Village stores:

Sunglasses from David Clulow

Earrings from Dolce & Gabbana 

Bag from Missoni

The classic blazer and jeans ensemble is my go to for the weekend look. But sometimes it needs a bit of flare. Could you think of anything better than colour pop sunglasses and an epic bag that will catch absolutely every eye on the street? Embrace the statement. It will never lead you astray!

What I’m wearing for accessories from Bicester Village stores:

Bag from Tory Burch

Sunglasses from David Clulow

If you don’t have a little white dress in your wardrobe we need to have words. This is officially the new little black dress for summer. Get involved. While the little white dress is always a piece that works well on it’s own, it’s also fun to dress it up, particularly with a striking bag. I went for stripes and paired it with a matching colour pop in the sunglasses and a choker!

What I’m wearing for accessories from Bicester Village stores:

Bag from Cambridge Satchel Company

Necklace from Tory Burch

Sunglasses from David Clulow

 When was the last time you saw me in all black? Next to never! But I know this is a look that a lot of women swear by. Personally, I can’t be in all black for any length of time. I find it sad. So if I have to be, I’m going to throw in colour with the accessories. This beautiful bag spices things up while the brown belt helps to make the whole look appear that little bit more casual. It’s a winning combo if I ever saw one!

What I’m wearing for accessories from Bicester Village stores:

Bag from Smythson

Belt from Roberto Cavalli

Sunglasses from David Clulow

For more information on shopping at Bicester Village and to plan your trip today (it’s a quick train ride from London), visit their website now!


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