Style Update: The frills of a white dress

Long live the ruffles! I’m back and I’m in white, ruffles attached, with a pair of flamingos at the hip. Hmmm… if you were reading that anywhere else you might be scratching your head and wondering how that sentence makes any sense. This is fashion, baby! Of course it makes perfect sense. Although it was certainly a risk. I was headed out into London, in white, on a day where thunderstorms were forecasted every hour on the hour. The thing is, I no longer believe any weather man. So I look outside and, if it’s sunny, I wear what I’d wear on a sunny day. For three days solid last week I was told it was going to rain and be miserable and I dressed for the weather. And for each of those three days I missed out on dress possibilities as the days went without a drop of rain to be seen. So frustrating. The end result is this… the weather app is taking a break on my phone! I digress. Let’s talk about the dress. This little number is a killer for garden parties, polo matches, horse racing and more. It can be as dressy as casual as you’d like and it’s not going to suffocate you in the heat.  Now keeping in mind that I’m over six feet tall, this dress was a little shorter in the waist than I would have liked, but I’m in the process of trying to fix that and will get back to you. For everyone else of normal stature, this is the ideal! Get involved…

What I’m Wearing:

Marks and Spencer White Dress 

Disclosure: Fashion Foie Gras works as an ongoing brand ambassador for Marks & Spencer.


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