Style Update: The Ruffled Trench Coat of Dreams

When I first heard ruffles were a trend that was coming out of hiding, I’m not going to lie. I panicked a bit. My ruffles were little dresses from Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley as a schoolgirl. I was traumatised by floral ruffles as big as my head and can remember how wearing a dress with said ruffles would be annoying as I couldn’t run around the jungle gym like the boys in their trousers and shirts. I was weighed down by the ruffles. Fast forward a few decades and look at me now. Tom Boy no longer and dress lover indeed.  Funny how time heals all fashion wounds…. even ruffles. Case in point this trench coat of dreams with stripes, ruffles and a shape that’s simple to die for. 

I came across this trench coat the same way all great items in your wardrobe come into your hands…. by accident. I was running in to buy a beauty product and there she stood, on a hanger calling my name. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I could pull off the ruffle. I knew the stripes were right up my alley by the ruffle might be a little too frilly for my tastes. Fast forward ten minutes later and I’m in the dressing room taking selfies and sending pictures to my best girlfriends to confirm I’m not insane for adoring this coat. Ten minutes after that, I’m standing at the register, throwing my American Express down like I’m a millionaire. Hardly. But, here’s the great news. This trench looks designer, it’s actually a designer collaboration, but it comes with a price tag we can all get behind. So, embrace the trench… as a coat, as a dress, as a piece you need in your life right now.

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Ruffled Trench Coat


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