10 Outfits to pack for a cruise this summer!

Where do I even start in telling you how to pack for a cruise? I guess I should start with the good news… some cruises offer unlimited luggage. For the cruise I took earlier this month, on Seabourn, there are no limitations at all. You’re welcome to bring on as much luggage as your room can hold, with your only restriction being what the airline will let you bring. As I’m a frequent flyer, let’s just say I wasn’t worried about being able to bring more bags than could ever be needed to outfit a week aboard a boat headed from Genoa to Venice, with a day trip in Montenegro. More on the cruise experience later. For now, I want to talk what to wear when you’re on board. Again, I’ll say this was a Seabourn cruise, and for anyone familiar with the brand, you’ll know that means this isn’t your average cruise experience. This is a step above the rest and, for me, that means packing the same way. I was pulling out all the stops for both day and night, and leaving nothing to chance. 

Being a regular traveller these days, there are some months where I actually have suitcases lined up in my hallway for when I am between trips and have only a couple of hours to come home, switch out the bags and go. So, I’ve had to become really organised with outfits. This is NOT something I ever did in prior years. It’s only in the last twelve months that I’ve become a stickler for packing with a purpose. Before anything goes into my suitcase, it has a plan. I put together every single outfit, from shoes to earrings, try it on, photograph it and then put it in the pile to travel. If it doesn’t have a place in an outfit, it’s isn’t going in. I plan meticulously. So, for those of you headed out to sail the seas this summer, I’ve put together a little ditty on what I wore – just for some ideas on what you can wear on a cruise. I went for the big statements, as you’ll see. I say go bold or go home, especially when cruising. You’re on holiday! Dress the part! All details of outfits and links are present under the pictures. Happy outfit hunting! 

Fruit Jumpsuit (available in tall, plus, and regular

Black Parrot Dress, Palm Tree Earrings, Sunglasses

Hat, Trousers

Off The Shoulder Dress

Trousers, Top, Earrings, Sandals

White Dress, Sandals, Hat, Bag

White Dress, Sandals

Polka Dot Top, Polka Dot Trousers

Marina Rinaldi Top (old season), Trousers, Sandals 

White Jeans, Sweater, Slides 


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