What I’m Binge Streaming: The 20 best series on Netflix & Amazon Prime!

If any friends are wondering why you don’t see me out as often, you can blame every single streaming facility online. If it were possible for Netflix and Amazon Prime to be bridesmaids at my wedding, they would have to fight it out for maid of honour. Honestly, I need to see someone about how much I’m streaming these days. With the announcement that Netflix is investing in hundreds more series next year, I can only wonder if I’ll ever be able to ditch the habit. In all honesty, I do watch a lot more television than I used to because of how easy it is to binge watch. Pizza, a bottle of champagne and a twelve episode season are now the perfect night in, not just for me, but the masses. I am constantly asked what I’m watching, so I thought I’d give an update, and might make this a regular thing. At the moment, these are the top ten shows I’m streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Proceed with caution… each and every show you’ll want to watch from start to finish and some have as many as eight seasons to dig into! I’ve included trailers for each suggestion as well, so you can see from the start if you’re a right fit for the show.


The OA 

Master of None

The Crown


Gilmore Girls

Grace & Frankie

The Keepers


Peaky Blinders

Everything Sucks

Amazon Prime


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Famous in Love

The Bold Type



Mr. Robot


Z The beginning of Everything 

Royal Pains


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