What I wore this week: Southern Style Continues…

Another week at home, another week in sunshine! Not long now until I’m back in London so I’m wearing all the spring/summer pieces I can before I have to throw the layers back on in The Big Smoke. I have to say I love doing these roundups, instead of more individual style posts these days, as it’s a good chance to look back and see just how eclectic my tastes are in fashion. And that, I believe, brings up a pretty important talking point about fashion in general. People are always asking me how I would describe my style. Here’s what I believe, when it comes to that question. True lovers of fashion can’t really answer it. There isn’t a word to describe your style, just a name…yours. Hopefully your style is like no one else’s. The whole point of getting dressed in the morning is styling yourself to represent your personality, and that is one hundred percent unique. So, the next time someone asks me about my style I’m just going to answer, “It’s 100% Emily Johnston.” And that will be the end of that. Don’t follow any rules, guys. This whole idea of dressing everyday should be something fun, not a moment of trying to fit into someone else’s idea of fashion. And everything you see here on FFG is just an idea factory and hopefully a catalyst for your own style dictionary. With that, I give you this week in outfits…

 Sunglasses, Sweater, Belt, Skirt (rose gold now in), Shoes


Dress, Earrings

Suit Jacket, Suit Trousers, Polka Dot Shoes

Scarf, Jean Jacket

Dress, Bag, Shoes

Kaftan, Earrings


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