The perfect shampoo and more for coloured hair

You guys know by now that there is only one salon in London that I trust, when it comes to colouring my hair. Josh Wood has sorted out my hair under every circumstance imaginable. And of course because I’m always trying new things, being a blogger and all, Josh Wood’s team has had to save my bacon a few times due to complete hair disasters. Yes, I have strayed occasionally and each and every time I’ve regretted it. I will never see another, that’s for sure, and my biggest wish has always been that I could give Josh Wood to everyone. He’s one of the most in demand dudes in haircare and with good reason. Seeing as Josh can’t be in everyone’s home, around the world, every single day of the year, he’s launched a collection that is the next best thing. And no, I’m not being paid to say this. I’ve been genuinely using and re-buying these products since Josh launched them two months ago. And I’m so happy to say that you can have Josh in your shower with you every morning. Ok, that sounds a bit strange. Scratch that. You can have Josh’s products with you every morning in the shower, which is the next best thing. While there is an entire range of products, from colour to hair masks, I wanted to give you a quick run down of the four products I’m using in between visits to the salon, so that I can not only visit the salon a little less frequently, but also so that my hair is in tip top shape every time I visit. 

1. Shampoo & Conditioner for Brunettes (don’t worry- there’s more than just brunette available)

You can buy this for either frizzy or fine hair, but if you’re a brunette who colours, this is your holy grail. It prevents colour fade and contains ingredients that help you to keep that rich chocolate brown hair you and your hairdresser have worked so hard to achieve! Hair stays glossy, feels amazing and shines like glass. Truly, I am obsessed. It also smells amazing, comes in smart bottles that look good in the shower (please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks about this when buying shampoo bottles) and seems to last forever. But not to worry, as they’re only £10 a bottle. So, these won’t leave you bankrupt!

2. Everything Mask

I am sure your hair guru tells you to give yourself a weekly hair mask. If he/she doesn’t, they aren’t doing their job, especially if you are of a certain age. Hair needs looking after, just like your skin, and masks are essential. Josh has given us this one specifically for coloured hair that just helps to give that extra boost of protection and shine, to keep your hair swinging like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. It is also used in conjunction with my next obsession….

3. Cool Me Down Shade Shot

First off, Josh Wood Colour has released hair colour for people who can’t make it to the salon, so make sure and check out all the shades he has available online. As I get my colour done in the salon, I just need something that can tide me over when my colour does eventually need updating but I’m out of the country. So, when I’m home in the USA I take a Cool Me Down Shade Shot with me, which can basically counteract the shades of red and orange that start to come through. Due to a bad dye job by another hair colourist (which I had to have corrected at Josh Wood Atelier… remember what I was saying?), red and orange tones are my enemy, so this seriously comes in handy. Just mix it with the mask and you’re good to go. 

4. Darker Brown Tinted Dry Shampoo

Finally, this is the first dry shampoo I have actually ever really loved and used. I feel like dry shampoo that comes out white just never truly gets absorbed in my hair and it ends up ageing me like mad. Josh has given us a dry shampoo that comes out our hair colour, so there’s no worry about missing a spot and having a white patch all day in the back of your head… true story… this has happened. I love this stuff. 

Here’s hoping you love the products as much as I do. I am absolutely delighted that I finally get to make sure that all of you get a taste of Josh’s genius. And trust me, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this brand creation and I know Josh Wood would never put anything out there for his clients unless it was the best. So, if you’re a colour girl, get on it! 


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