Style Update: The Ultimate Maxi Dress

I’m a woman who buys dresses not only for looks but also practicality. Give my sleeves and pockets and the print is entirely secondary. Why are designers the world over not giving us sleeves and pockets on more dresses? Well, of course this thought has prompted a future post for the masses. I’m putting together a shopping edit of just that… dresses with sleeves and/or pockets. But, for now, I’m starting with one of my favourite dresses of the season. I fell in love with it online but fell head over heels after wearing it for a day out in Tuscany. It was the perfect fabric to battle the heat, it was above and beyond comfortable and it was elegant and refined, and absolutely ideal for the setting. I simply cannot say enough positive things about this wrap dress. I will simply say if you’re looking for a new piece for your wardrobe, consider this beauty. 

What I’m Wearing:

Maxi Dress, Gladiator Sandals 


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