One Week in my Southern Wardrobe

The sun has been shining in Beaufort and there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky for a few days now. It almost feels like I’m in a parallel universe. Well, it might as well be with all the texts I’m getting from friends in London detailing the weather that’s making them unfollow me on instagram. Let’s just say I’m in no rush to get home. Feels all too good being able to wear spring clothing in spring. Lord only knows when I’ll be able to do that at home in London. So I’m making hay while the sun is shining with outfits that are as springy as possible. Apologies in advance if you are disgusted by the bright and sunny weather. Just think of this as a preview of what’s to come. Or, book a plane ticket and come visit while I’m still here! 


What I’m wearing:

Dress, Bag


What I’m Wearing:

White Dress


What I’m wearing:

Linen Shirt, Skirt, Bag- Tabitha Webb for TJ Maxx- not online, Pink Shoes


What I’m Wearing:

Maxi Dress, Sandal


What I’m Wearing:

Red Dress, Crab Straw Bag

Saturday (Pj Day again)

What I’m Wearing:



What I’m Wearing:

Navy Floral Dress, Bag, Pink Shoes


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