The Beauty Tool You Need to Buy Right NOW

I had another post written for today, involving all my beauty buys from February 2018. It was finished and ready to go, scheduled even, for this afternoon. Then, I went and had brunch with a few friends and every single one asked me the same question within fifteen minutes of arriving – “what are you doing to your skin? Give us the product details please!” My skin has been pretty good over the past month and I’m very happy with all the products I’ve been introduced to and can’t want to introduce them to you. But over the course of the last seven days, my skin has transformed more so than ever with just one product and I was so excited to share over lunch that I truly took note and thought, “this is what the blog is all about…being passionate enough about a product that you can’t stop talking about it and want to share it immediately.” And what’s even funnier about this is the fact that the product in question was discovered through various influencers I follow. I’ve seen Nurse Jamie’s Uplift facial messaging roller on many channels and I can’t remember what it was that finally led me to purchase it, but I did last week and I’ve been religious about using it twice a day.

Now remember I’m 38, so at this point I’m trying to do everything I can to slow down the ageing process, and even reverse a bit as much as I can. I wish, however, that I had always had this in my life as I feel like using this over time would have greatly slowed down gravity’s pull. My biggest complaints pre roller were serious under eye bags, the starting of jowls and a lack of glow. I am basically starting to finally feel my age in my face. 

After seven days my skin feels like it’s lost a decade. This is not an exaggeration. Each time I use the roller, my face feels like it’s had a ton of bricks lifted from it. It’s physically had a work out and the skin is tighter, it glows and there are no bags to see, let alone speak of! 

My mom’s first question was “when do you find the time to use it?” Well, I’ll quickly tell you that I wondered the same thing… would it be a waste of money as I’ll use it once and forget about it. First of all, when you see the results, you won’t forget about it. You’ll look forward to using it. For me, I do it first thing when I wake up. I pour a cup of coffee, turn on the news, and spend ten minutes going to town. Then at night, I do it when I’m Netflixing. It’s so easy and a lot easier than you will believe with results that are insane, truly. Eek! I can’t wait for you to try it!

So how does it work? Well, let’s get out the painfully obvious thing you were all thinking when you first saw this tool. It looks like something out of Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t it? Well, those stones of the revolving head are actually tourmaline quartz massaging stones that are set there to tone and tighten, lovelies! Here’s a video so you can see how you use it and why this isn’t a torture device but rather a piece of equipment that your skin will absolutely adore. 

Sorry I haven’t included any pictures of myself and my transformation with this. Follow along on Instagram if you want to see some real life footage of me using it with no makeup (thrilling!) and I’ll be sharing a lot more about it over time. 

For now, do yourself a favour and just buy this. You can spend over £1,000 on creams next month and you wouldn’t get this kind of results. Oh, and guess what – this is only £55 / $69 . And I’m hoping this lasts a lifetime, but I’d spend the money every month if need be! This is the new tool that will go absolutely everywhere with me. 


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