Style Update: The Southern Collaboration of Dreams!

Hmmmm… how to start this? I guess I’ll start with the classic… “I’ve worked on a lot of collaborations in my time…” No really, I have. But, absolutely none have had me so excited as this one and it’s a secret I’ve been sitting on that’s been burning a hole inside me. I wanted to run through the streets of various cities screaming, “the southerners are coming, the southerners are coming!” Everyone knows Reese Witherspoon right? She’s my southern sister from another mister. And did you know she has an adorable clothing range called Draper James? Of course you did! Now, for a woman that wears anything from a size 14-18 (that’s me I’m talking about, now RW), I was insanely frustrated that the clothes of Draper James were a little on the small size for me. I wanted to support my southern roots and wear this brand with pride, but alas, the size gods were not shining down upon me. But, a change has come our way and Draper James have listened to their consumer who were continually asking for a larger size range so that all the pretty ladies of the land could buy into this beautiful ensembling. And that’s how a collaboration with Eloquii with born and the rest is history. Yes, Draper James have collaborated with Eloquii and the end result means women up to a size 28 can now buy into the collection.

In full disclosure, Eloquii gave me a bit of advance notice on the collection and a few pieces to shoot, which is how I am putting these pictures up here and now, after the collection was only announced a few hours ago. I have a few outfits to share, over the next couple of days, but I wanted to start with a statement tee and some jeans that say all they need to about my heritage as a human being. If I had a dime for every time I said “bless your heart” or “howdy,” I’d be a rich lady indeed. But now I have the clothes to do the talking for me.

A huge congrats to Eloquii and Draper James on a most monumental gathering of talents, and this is just the beginning. So, watch this space…

What I’m Wearing:

Bless Your Heart Tee, Howdy Jeans


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