Style Update: Pastel Perfection

The perfect pastel dress for spring.

The perfect pastel dress for spring.

It’s spring in the lowcountry, which means perfectly pleasant days that can lean towards a slight chill or a delightful heat and you never quite know what to expect.  So, you don’t yet put away your sweaters, but the summer dresses are out of storage and in rotation. The flowers are in bloom and the entire look and feel of a city is instantly transformed as the bright pinks and lush lavenders make their debut. Even the sunsets seem richer somehow. And if it seems like I’m getting all mushy and gushy about this part of the world, well, I am. There isn’t a more romantic place in the world to be in the springtime. Charleston, Savannah, Beaufort and beyond are magical cities this time of year and I quite honestly feel as if the world is my oyster being nestled between the three. But, for right now I’m enjoying my own backyard. I’m drinking in the South Carolina Lowcountry without venturing too far from my own back porch. Charleston is on the horizon, but for now I’m living as the locals do… slowly and with great purpose. Only my purpose is to walk barefoot around the island as often as the sun is in the sky, to drink iced tea until the pitcher runs dry and to stroll long docks with golden retrievers as my companions. Yes… this is heaven. But today, I’m sharing the heaven that is a dress that may look familiar to some of you and here’s why….

A couple of weeks ago Marks & Spencer shared a first look at this dress on their Instagram. I immediately jumped in, commenting that this was the dress of dreams that I had to have (I must have done so a little too enthusiastically as the Daily Mail picked up my quote and used it in writing about this dress). Fast forward 21 days and said dress hit stores. Naturally, I was one of the first to grab it off the shelves. But, I kept it in a suitcase bound for South Carolina. This dress was made for spring in the lowcountry, where pastels are quite literally a wardrobing essential. I saved it for this day, this moment, and I couldn’t have been happier in making that decision. This dress is simply beautiful and worth every single penny (although it’s Marks & Spencer, so the good news is that not many pennies are required). You’ll see me throwing this on throughout the summer months in London, but it’s making it’s proper debut off the coast of South Carolina…. as was always its fate!

Fashion Foie Gras is an ambassador for Marks & Spencer.


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