Shopping Six: Summer Hats

For those of you that follow FFG on Instagram, you’ll know that I did a trial run on Instastories with a daily six shopping feature. So many people were having trouble keeping up with the stories that there was a strong request for the items to have a more permanent feature on the blog. So, henceforth, there will be a daily shopping six featuring must have items from clothing to accessories. We’re kicking off with hats….summer hats.

I’ve been a collector of hats for as long as I can remember and I do believe it’s an accessory that’s overlooked way too often. So, these are the six hats I’m investing in for the summer months ahead… when it finally decides to arrive. Anyone else tired of this snow?

Anyhow…. here are the shopping six, from top to bottom, left to right!

1. Lobster Straw Hat

2. Pom Pom Hat

3. Flower feature Hat

4. Red Pom Pom Hat

5. Black Floral Hat

6. Bee My Honey Hat 


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