Shopping Six: Luxury Bags I’m Lusting After

If you asked me where to invest your money in fashion, I would always tell you the same thing. Invest your money in great dresses and outstanding handbags. The two will sort you right out when it comes to style and will most likely always have a place in the fashion of your life. But, a great handbag is truly forever. It’s the one piece of fashion that doesn’t pain you if you put on a few pounds. It doesn’t leave blisters on the back of your heels. Oh, and it doesn’t go better with your skin tone if you have a tan. A handbag is forever, for every season and every life, if you invest your money wisely. Good leather goes a long way and the right straw tote can last just as long, if given proper love and attention.

Whenever I invest in any handbag, and I mean really invest the cash, I always think about the next generation. If I’m spending a certain amount of money, this isn’t going to be a bag that’s only around long enough for me to enjoy. My hard earned cash is going to trickle down into a granddaughter’s delight at owning her first Chanel or my niece’s soaring heart found in carrying her first Ralph Lauren Ricky. Of course this is all just to say that at this moment in time, these are the six handbags I’m eyeing up for my next investment. Images above, links below:

1. Wai Wait Bamboo Handle Bag

2. Nantucket Woven Leather Basket Bag

3. Loewe Scarf Leather Bag 

4. Muun Striped leather Tote

5. Chloe Pixie Leather Bag 

6. Ookoon Printed Leather Travel Bag 


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