A Fashion Foie Gras Breakfast at Ralph’s, Regent Street

When Ralph Lauren calls, this lady runs, not walks, to answer the call. Earlier this year, a plan was hatched. Ralph’s Coffee & Bar on Regent Street was about to throw open their doors for a breakfast service set to rival all the best breakfast bars in London. Open just over a year now, Ralph’s has previously offered nibbles to accompany their coffee and cocktail service. But as of today, the preppiest nook on Regent Street is officially THE place to get the best breakfast I can think of, complete with decor that will leave you believing you are dining in your country estate in the land of preppy heaven. So naturally, we had to have a little breakfast to introduce the new menu to my friends and family, a few you might recognise below. And let me just tell you about the waffle sandwich…

I start with the waffle sandwich because I don’t want you thinking this is a place where you can only order avo on toast. Sure, you can get some healthy fashion foods here (and the juices are just to die for), but there is an offering that is plentiful enough for you to dine on both cheat days and light bites days. The pancakes are a thing of pure beauty. The lobster Benedict should win an award. The coffee is truly some of the best you can get in London, and they also offer convenient take away cups if you’re in a rush.  I’m not sure I need to say much more, but there’s so much more to say. I’m touching on food only, now let’s talk decor.

Yes, this is a den of equestrian pursuits. Polo horses decorate the walls, polo mallets accent the decor and the leather on the benches feels as soft and buttery as a worn in saddle. While our set up was a more intimate redecoration for twenty, this space is usually filled with around ten golden topped bistro tables that allow for more intimate conversation between two coffee drinking adults. So, don’t worry… these pictures are unique to this breakfast only. 

As I rather awkwardly announced to my guests, the loos here are worth the trip just to take note of the insanely fabulous decor. I think you get my point. The decor is a thing of true greatness and I haven’t even shown you the bar. That’s done on purpose. I’m waiting, to go back in for cocktail hour and show you the beauty from the other side. Breakfast is well and good, but I know you want a sneaky look at what goes on after work hours. So watch this space.

For now, I’ll just tell you this needs to be on your restaurant hit list if you’re ever visiting London. Be warned, however, as it does sit within the Polo Ralph Lauren shop. You will be tempted to explore and you may leave penniless. It’s hard to resist the charms of Ralph Lauren.


Polo Ralph Lauren

Regent Street, London

PS. What I wore on the day:


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