The Luxury Heathrow Experience: shop, lounge and sip champagne like royalty

I’ve made it no secret, over the years, that Heathrow Airport, in London, is my second home. I actually think I see more time walking the floors of this airport than my own flat in the city. I can tell you the best places to grab coffee, the best terminals for shopping and which sections of certain lounges offer the best space for quiet and an excellent view of the sunset and sunrise. You could say I know the terminals backwards and forwards. Only this week Heathrow proved me wrong. It seems I knew everything apart from THE MOST IMPORTANT offering. Get ready as I am about to blow the lid off of your normal airport experience. As my fingers move across this keyboard, I hope my own excitement comes across as I truly feel as if I am bringing you the keys to the kingdom. Forget everything you thought you knew about flying out of Heathrow Airport. Brace yourselves, here we go….

In Heathrow’s terminals 2, 3 and 5, there are rooms that are painted in muted greys, with cabinets accented in gold and couches covered in pink velvet. You walk in, are greeted with an offering of coffee, champagne or water, and meet a member of the Heathrow team that has spent time putting together the most relaxing moment you are going to have all day. This is the Heathrow Personal Shopping Lounge and it is available to every passenger travelling through Heathrow Airport. You just never knew it existed for you, personally, until now. And if I know anything about you, dear reader, I know this is one service you are going to want to try immediately.

Let me start with the bigger questions here first, as I feel like there may be a lot of immediate queries about whether or not this is for you. So before we go any further let me state again that this is open to any passenger travelling through the airport. If you’ve got a ticket to ride, and some time to spare, you can book into a shopping experience that is unlike any other. All that’s needed is forward thinking in your planning, as making a reservation requires 48 hours notice. Before you travel, you head over to the Heathrow Personal Shopping Booking Form and answer the relevant questions about your travel plans and what you’re looking for. A member of the team will be in touch to confirm everything and all you need to do is show up at the airport. 

Now, here’s where things get even more interesting. Don’t for a second think that the personal shopping lounge is only for women looking to score their dream Chanel bag or a great pair of Louis Vuitton Passport covers. This is a lounge that is about all inclusive shopping. If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones, souvenirs to bring home to the family or even just a selection of items to take on the plane with you, the lounge can arrange it all. And, if you don’t feel like sitting in the lounge for the duration of your wait, the personal shoppers can even transport you between terminals, should, for example, you find yourself dying to visit the Harry Potter shop, but you’re departure terminal isn’t cooperating! See what I mean about this being life changing? The personal shoppers can even suggest things you would never think of in the first place. Basically, the sky’s the limit. Or, I guess I should say the airport shops are the limit. But, have you seen the lineup they have at Heathrow Airport? This is basically a luxury shopping mall with planes attached. 

I will just advise that if you are planning on indulging regularly in a Heathrow shop, you might also want to sign up immediately for the Heathrow Rewards Card. I can definitely say that the points add up fast if you are travelling regularly through Heathrow. You earn points for all purchases and if you exchange any money at Travelex. The points can then be redeemed on vouchers to spend in the airport, exchanged for miles with your favourite airline or even used to pay for parking of the Heathrow Express. Essentially, if you travel a lot and don’t have this loyalty card, you are seriously missing a trick. 

Alright, one last thing, before I leave you to immediately go and book your personal shopping sesh at the airport… 

Heathrow Airport also offers a pre-order service, which I have used twice and have found to be extremely helpful, especially for electronics. Remember this is duty free shopping and that can make a massive difference in big ticket purchases like computers, cameras and most other luxury items. The Heathrow Boutique website will actually show you brands’ offerings, with high street prices and the airport price listed, so you can see the savings in purchasing while in transit. You can even have any of your items delivered to a UK mainland address for free if you spend over £300 and use your Heathrow Rewards card. 

Alright, I think I’ve swooned enough over this new service. I can tell you it’s where I’ll be spending all my additional hours waiting in Heathrow and I may just find myself bankrupt as a result. But I’ll be bankrupt in Tom Ford with a ticket to ride in hand! Anyone fancy meeting up there to share a glass of bubbly together? Time for a travel scheduler…. 

Just before I go, I also wanted to share a few pictures of my experience with the Heathrow Personal Shopper Lounge, with all brand shopping details below. Can you tell they got me spot on? They had full range to grab whatever they wanted and this is what they put together. I wanted to take it all. Sadly, I didn’t have room in my luggage. Thank goodness for the home delivery option! I feel like there’s so much more here to talk about, but I’ll be back to discuss. For now, just know this is an option you need to take advantage of! BOOK NOW!

Brands featured in images above include:

Kurt Geiger: Bone Panana Hat

Kate Spade: Ploomi Palace Gardens Leather Cross Body Bag

Kurt Geiger: Metallic Rainbow Kensington Bag

Ted Baker: Dayzei Champagne Slogan Sweatshirt

Ted Baker: Origami Stripe Knit Dress

Reiss: Cyra Rollneck Grey Dress

Ted Baker: Bernae Frill Sleeve Sweatshirt

Ted Baker: Suzaine Embellished Detail Jumper

Kurt Geiger: Growl Multi-Colour block heel sliders

Kurt Geiger: Lustre Carvela Trainers

Kurt Geiger: Strut Mid Heel Ankle Boots
Chloe (at Harrods): Large Caramel Pixie Shoulder Bag

This post was written in collaboration with Heathrow Airport.


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