Style Update: Happy Valentine’s Day, beauties!

Ladies and gents, Happy Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or just regular Wednesday! Sure, it’s a day for flowers, chocolates, elaborate displays of all the gushy love stuff, and I know firsthand that such displays can make this day one of the hardest to stomach for the singletons amongst us. However, I’m taking a pledge to make this day more than just a day to celebrate love between two people. This year I’m being entirely mushy with myself and practising some serious spoiling, in the hours when I’m not working of course.

My festivities will mainly take place at night and I have a full line up ready for action. The evening will begin with a quick chat to the Papa- Papa Johns that is. After I’ve put in my order for some cheesy self indulgence by delivery, I’ll be slipping into a cashmere onesie, remote control in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Then the Gilmore Girls and I will be exploring small town living while we wait for the Papa and my friends Ben & Jerry. After all the food has been inhaled and my eyes have started to glaze over from too much time with the tube, I’ll sink away to bed and thank myself for my best Valentine’s Day to date. 

But, that whole scenario doesn’t make for the best fashion share. So today I’m sharing a few pics I took last week in front of a place that will be swarming with couples in love and in search of sugary surprises on the big V Day. I’m standing in front of Peggy Porschen, coffee to hand and a smile on my face just picturing all the kissing pictures that will take place below this heart. It might as well be mistletoe. 

What I’m Wearing:

Sweater, Skirt, Boots


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