Style Update: Are bum bags back?

I’ve started to notice that a lot of women are embracing the bum bag (fanny pack) trend again. Back in my day, this manifested itself in nylon form, usually around the mid section of a tourist in Disney that liked to wear their knee socks high and their shorts short, together. It scarred many a woman in the 80s. In 2018, the trend is presented in leather, by Gucci, around the waists of fashion’s most influential trendsetters. 

So, what’s a girl to do? Well, after walking through Knightsbridge and seeing no less than a dozen women wearing bum bags, all from Gucci, I recognised this was a trend I couldn’t ignore. But, I wasn’t quite ready to invest in a full blown designer experience. First, I was going to buy into a high street number to try the trend on for size. And the results look a little like you see here. I’m still undecided. 

What I’m Wearing:

Polka Dot Top, Gingham Coat, Bum Bag, Polka Dot Trousers


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