Friday Five: Lobster slides and Totes Tweed

Full disclosure here…. I bought everything you see in this Friday Five, before publishing. I was so scared the craze would sell it all out that I made sure I had placed my order before sharing. I know, this makes me a terrible, terrible person. But, when it comes to my lobster obsession in fashion, I take no chances. I checked this morning and there are still plenty of items left in stock so you needn’t worry. You can still step out with your lobster toes this spring! Now, I have to tell you that I discovered these beauties in Heathrow, while in the Heathrow Shopping Lounge and I’m writing about that more later this afternoon… stay tuned. For now, here’s all you need to know…

1. Tweed Bag

2. Lobster Slides

3. Embroidered Lobster Slides

4. Metallic Cross Body

5. Lobster Clutch


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