Friday Five: Beverly Hills espadrilles, the best jeans ever and a Chanel look alike belt!

Friday Five is back! Apologies, it’s been out of commission for a while. But, it’s a new year, we survived January and things are back on track. Now, let’s get into it… and apologies in advance to causing your credit card some early February stress!

1. Good American Jeans

I am a jeans hater. Honestly. There is nothing worse than going jeans shopping. It’s just plain depressing. Well, that was until I decided to take a chance on Good American Jeans. They come in sizes up to 24 and they are absolutely the most flattering jeans I have ever owned. I’m addicted to them, truly, and I’m spreading the word. I actually received my first pair and loved them so much that I sat down and ordered six more pairs, before taking them off. Yes, they are that good. Take a chance and place an order. I swear it’s worth it… and start with this style! 

2. Pink Striped Espadrilles 

I’m calling these my Beverly Hills Hotel Espadrilles as they remind me of the hotel! They’re also only a twenty! Nothing more to say here…. except you will see these again… perhaps in Portugal next week!

3. Love Sweater

Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day week after next, but I’m on strike from the romantic holiday. So, here’s a little love for those who just like to run around celebrating the sentiment on a daily basis. No need to wait for stupid cupid!

4. Pearly Belt 

Trust me when I say that this is one of my best purchases this month and it has a price tag that is less than a trip to Starbucks for a party of two. 

5. Is that a Gucci Bag? 

Didn’t mean for this to be a budget Friday Five, but seems to have gone this way. Is it just me or does this bag closely resemble a Gucci bag? Only take a couple of zeros off the Gucci price tag and you have this beauty!


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