Chatting my way into the Four Seasons Hampshire

Tired and weary Londoners, let me suggest a break that’s a mere miles away from London Town that will provide fresh air, fabulous food, gardens a plenty and even a horseback ride of two, should that tickle your fancy. This is the Four Seasons Hampshire and it’s easily accessible by car, train or helicopter. There’s no point waiting for good weather to book, as we all know that’s about as hit or miss as it gets here in the UK. This is a place that shines through daylight and storms alike, with wellies on offer for all guests who wish to take in the rainy days in equal measure to the few and far between moments with cloud free skies. 

For my visit, to Hampshire, I was trying out an entirely new addition to Four Seasons adventures. For those of you that are regulars at Four Seasons resort, may I suggest that before we go any further, you immediately download the Four Seasons App on your phone. I’ve talked about this before, but it’s been a few years and there have been some pretty incredible updates. As a reminder, this is an app that lets you check in our phone, pre-order things to the room, order room service to the room throughout your stay and, now, allows you to talk to staff in a personal chat before you even set foot on the grounds. 

Two days before my stay at the Four Seasons Hampshire, my usual guest, and driver, was unable to accompany me on the trip. So I had a momentary panic in wondering how I was going to get there. I immediately took to the app and posed the question in the chat. I was at a lunch meeting as everything was imploding with my stay and typing under the table. My rather gargled message came across just fine to the lovely individual at reception on the other end and I was promptly sent instructions on how easy it was to train it from West London straight to the station and then a cab would be outside with only a 15 minute drive ahead of me. Done and dusted! 

Of course I was an addict after that and I’m pretty sure I drove the poor crew at the Four Seasons Hampshire insane. I had to change dinner reservations, spa treatments and more, and I never had to pick up a phone once. It was all done easily over chat. 

So, after reorganising everything at least twice, I finally arrived for a relaxing 48 hours away from London. The Four Seasons Hampshire is breathtaking from the moment you pull up. It does feel as if you are going to a country estate for a weekend shooting with friends. It’s casual, yet larger than life. The staff are friendly, yet make it very clear they are there to help you with anything you could imagine might make your stay easier and more beneficial to clearing out your London state of mind. 

I was immediately taken to my room, where I changed and headed straight for the gorgeous indoor pool on site for a few laps before dinner. Any calories I worked off at the pool were immediately regained with the arrival of the most delicious steak, with a twist from the talented French Chef in house. I sat, solo, with a glass of wine and a meal that left me begging for mercy as parties celebrated around me. There was a birthday behind me, an anniversary to the left of me and a group of girls just celebrating being together to my right. I went to bed feeling quite festive, even though I wasn’t a part of any of these celebrations. It was something in the air.

After a long bath, I took to the Four Seasons App once again to order breakfast in bed for the following morning. I put my phone away, turned off all the lights and opened the window to let in the fresh country air as I slept.

Before I knew it, there was a knock on my door. I had slept right through the alarm that was to alert me of my impending delivery. Breakfast in bed was delivered with a smile and all of the Sunday papers. I sat, surrounded by Sunday style supplements, the weekend early morning shows on TV and the most beautiful Eggs Benedict ready for eating right in front of me. While I didn’t ever want to leave this position, I couldn’t imagine being in such an idyllic location and not taking a stroll. So, I pulled on the wellies and made my way around the grounds, pretending I was a Lady of the Manor and that all that stretched before me was mine. Is that crazy? They always say visualise what you desire….

Thank you, Four Seasons Hampshire, for hosting me on a much needed London getaway. I’m back in the city now and the pictures below are reminding me that this whole weekend wasn’t just a dream! 

For more information or to book your weekend away, visit the Four Seasons Hampshire


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