FFG Eats: Chicama, London

I think I’ve passed Chicama, running up and down the King’s Road in London, at least three dozen times since it’s opened. It’s always been one of those restaurants that I’ve said “one day” to. I didn’t know what kind of cuisine they served. I didn’t even know what it looked like inside. I just knew that the exterior was positively intriguing. I was judging a book by its cover and this book looked like a best seller. So, when a friend asked if I was free for lunch and suggested Chicama, I knew it was fate.  

Turns out the food is Peruvian, with fish delivered daily from Cornwall. In all honesty here, I’ve never eaten Peruvian before this moment. But, I must tell you, dear reader, that after one meal at Chicama, I wanted an instant cuisine holiday to Peru. The food was out of this world. No, really. This was the first meal in which there were more pauses with sound effects than actual conversations. So many “mmm, this is good,” and “seriously, how is this really so good?” moments were flying around the table and not much else. 

The dishes at Chicama are, for the most part, small and easy to share. They pack a plentiful punch of flavour and also give the diner a serious feeling of sitting by the sea. Yes, the seafood is indeed that fresh. The staff are charming and all too convincing when it comes to cocktail drinking (whoops!) and let’s just say the interior matches the exterior. This is a decor dream. From the tiles on the floor to the decorations on the walls, I took away just under a dozen interior design dreams. 

In short, this is a place that should be on your hit list for London eateries. I know… there are so many. But, when you discover the real deal, it’s worth shouting about. So, Chicama, I’ll be back and I’m bringing friends!

Dishes you absolutely must try: Tuna Tostada, Salmon Ceviche and the Popped Corn Monkfish Cheeks. 

More info: http://chicamalondon.com/


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