What I wore in Iceland: Day 4, layers on layers

Sorry for the delay in final posts from Iceland! Christmas got the best of me. So here we have the final moments from what has to be one of the biggest adventures of my life and the most fun I’ve had outfit planning in sometime. Basically, when dressing for winter in Iceland it’s not so much about style, it’s more about surviving the cold. And these pictures are proof of that indeed. What was meant to be a few outfits over the course of my trip ended up being the layers needed for just one morning out and about in the Iceland air. Yes, it is that cold. And when you are packing for a visit to Iceland in November, it’s no joke that thermal underwear is your best friend, you can never have too many layers, and covering your face is an epic must if you are in higher altitudes. As I was still in the plains in this ensemble, I was ok for about half an hour. Past that, I was starting to feel my lips freeze. It’s a lovely fresh cold, but one you absolutely must be prepared for if you are visiting from warmer climates. But, don’t let me scare you off. This climate is totally doable and worth the effort. If you haven’t seen any of my other posts yet, click on the Iceland tag below to check out everything from city living to Northern Lights viewing. 

Now, about this outfit I’m sporting. I’m in Ralph Lauren, head to toe. Sadly, these are all vintage sweaters. However, Ralph Lauren always brings back the classics and there are plenty of options in store now that could be combined to create a similar look. See below! 

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