The perfect London bottomless brunch: Anna Barnett Cooks with Grey Goose

The year 2017 will officially go down, in my life at least, as the year of the brunch. Countless weekends have been spent enjoying this lovely tradition of late breakfasts with friends, dressed with beautiful cocktails and fabulous food. I’ve been spoiled beyond measure. But, this past weekend takes the cake, for a number of reasons. I’ll start by saying that this was just the kick off event for a brunch that you can actually book yourself, so don’t think I’m waxing lyrical about something that can’t be enjoyed by the masses. This weekend I attended Anna Barnett’s Bottomless Brunch with Grey Goose cocktails. The event is actually a fundraising activity that raises money for Shelterbox- the global disaster relief charity that helps provide shelter and supplies for displaced families – and there are two dates remaining to book.

On December 9th and 10th, Anna Barnett, who you may recognise as a regular contributor to Vogue and author of “Eat The Week,” will once again host the bottomless brunch you see here, which highlights traditional wintry meals with a modern twist. I can tell you, wholeheartedly, that I have never seen a more delightful setup for a brunch, nor a more impressive undertaking for a three course meal. Each and every dish was a delicious ride of tastebud thrilling emotions, as we experienced combinations we didn’t even know to be possible in the culinary world. This is where Anna really excels as a chef. She surprises and delights in a most spectacular fashion. And of course this is why a leading brand such as Grey Goose would be involved. Anna will have wanted to choose the best of the best in spirits for cocktails to pair with each and every course.

Now, the talents at Grey Goose put together quite the pairing for every plate, starting with my personal favourite cocktail that I’ve been swearing by all summer-  The Grey Goose Le Fizz. Forget champagne this season, ladies and gents. Le Fizz is the perfect way to get the party started, in my personal opinion. Now, I don’t want to ruin everything for you, in case you are looking to book the brunch for yourself and a guest, as I do think a bit of a surprise is in order. But, I don’t think you’ll mind if I share with you that you start your meal with a goats’ cheese canape, that will quite literally leave you begging for the recipe, and end your meal with a three piece dessert (read that as three desserts that will blow your mind) accompanied by a Grey Goose Espresso Martini made with Lavazza Coffee (the perfect pairing of top notch brands again). The rest I leave you to discover.

Remember, this is a bottomless brunch. And the cocktails are oh so delicious. So make sure you drink responsibly. My advice – don’t leave one cocktail untouched. We took the tube so we could enjoy every moment and it was well worth it. Mr. FFG and I have become complete vodka snobs over the past year, having worked with Grey Goose, and we know their ability to spot talent in the world of chefs is unparalleled. Match that with their gifted mixologists and you are presented with a brunch that deserves an Academy Award!

Thank you to Grey Goose, Anna Barnett and Lavazza Coffee, for inviting us to such a special occasion for such a wonderful cause.

Don’t forget, tickets are still available for the two dates! Book Now!


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