Style Update: Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow…

I honestly can’t remember the last time we had a proper snow in London. It’s been a while, there’s no doubt about that. We used to get great big snows that would leave you with at least six inches on the ground (I can feel my fellow New Englanders laughing at me as I refer to that as a “great big snow”). The city of London would of course come to a screeching halt as this city can’t cope with anything more than a single flurry falling from the sky. The headlines would read “stranded travellers,” “city loses millions because of weather shut down,” and so forth and so on. But, I would always be sitting in my window, smiling like a cheshire cat, with a cup of steaming tea in hand and boots and hat at the ready by the door. I’d wait for just enough to fall that it felt like an actual winter wonderland. London is magical in the snow. It’s everything you could imagine from days of old, come to life in 2017. You half expect to see horses and buggies parading through the streets. So yes, it’s terrible that the city can’t cope with such weather, but I have always believed it was the universe’s way of telling the city as a whole to take a snow day holiday for the wild chaos that is this amazing place on a daily basis.

This Sunday, however, the snow storm in West London was a wet mess with flakes that melted almost as soon as they touched the ground. It didn’t keep me from leaping out into the great white flurry feast, and snapping a few pictures along the way. It was total coincidence that I happened to be wearing the sweater that is my absolute obsession this season (that comes with a removable turtleneck…very convenient). I also felt pretty lucky to have the warmest hat in existence on my head, as I have terrible trouble with my ears in the winter time, with the cold. There’s a bit of randomness for you! Let us hope that the next London “snow storm” is worthy of a proper snow day away from the madness. 

What I’m Wearing:

QVC UK Beanie, ME + EM Striped Sweater (with removable turtleneck), Old Navy Gillet

Old Navy Jeans, ASOS Scarf


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