Style Update: If in doubt, belt it out!

I remember once being told that “larger ladies shouldn’t wear belts.” I kid you not. I’m pretty sure I heard it on a morning show where some rather pumped up stylist thought she was handing down some wise advice to the masses. To put this in perspective, she was also promising that scrunchies were going to make a comeback. Honestly, where do they find these people? Obviously I threw her advice out the window, into the same bin that contained my scrunchies from 1985. 

Belts can actually be a seriously chic fashion tool, whether worn at the waist or around some low cut jeans. While your purpose in wearing a belt may be to hold up your trousers, or to simply accessorize a look, both are equally important right? For this look, my belt served the purpose of cinching in a sweater that would otherwise have drowned me. That may be a good look with skinny jeans and knee high boots, but not so for a rather full skirt! On the belt went and I couldn’t help but hear that stylist whispering in my ear…”don’t you do it.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned in fashion, and one thing I wish I could impart to every single soul, it’s this – no one is an expert at YOUR style. Wear what looks great and feels great and you will communicate your greatness. The right people will notice and the rest aren’t worth worrying about!

What I’m Wearing:

All Marks & Spencer (as I’m an ambassador) Sweater, Skirt


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