Style Update: How to wear winter culottes

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many emails I get about the culotte situation. Seems women the world over are confused about how to wear them or why they are buying them at all. Yet, this style of trouser seems to fly off the shelves…and as it should. I, for one, am a massive fan of the culotte and here’s why.

I love flashing an ankle. Groundbreaking, I know. But, I am all for the subtle skin display. I was brought up with the idea that, in fashion, you show off one asset when wearing clothing and you keep the rest a mystery. Maybe it was just a southern thing? Regardless, I’ve always thought this was a pretty sound rule of thumb when it comes to dressing. And the culotte is, in my opinion, one of the most feminine styles of trousers out there as it allows you to tease with just a bit of leg. What you choose to do with that exposure is up to you. In the summer, I pair culottes with tall heels and maybe something as casual as an old t-shirt. In the winter, as you’ll see above, I’m all about the culotte with a great statement heel and an oversized sweater. It’s sort of that “messy make sense” sort of vibe. 

Bottom line – get involved with the culotte. They are almost universally flattering and offer a great alternative to your usual trouser situation! Oh, and I think the wider the leg the better! Just saying.

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