Designer Radar: And Mary Porcelain Jewellery

I’ll start this by saying I get roughly 2,000 emails a day. These are emails from just about every part of the industry you can imagine and it is very easy for emails to get lost in the mix. It’s also very easy for me to delete an email with an uninteresting headline for a press release. It’s a tough game getting through inboxes these days. But, when a gem arrives, out of the blue, I’m pretty sure you can picture the little happy dance I do in my chair.

When I opened the intro email from And Mary, it was a just a lovely note asking me to check out the brand. When I opened the link to the site, I new why the designer seemed so confident and humble about her product. She knew the moment I saw it, I would fall in love and she was absolutely right. And Mary is a treasure trove for jewellery collectors and animal lovers alike. And I have to tell you I was frightened to look at the price point when I discovered the site. I thought each piece would most definitely be upwards of £250 as the detailing on the porcelain animals is so delicate. Try knocking a zero off that price. Most of the pieces I love, and all the pieces you see here, are between £35-£45. I don’t quite know how she keeps the price tag so reasonable and my first instinct was to write her back and tell her she’s charging way too low for her product. 

Of course my only problem now is that I want one of everything. I’ve worn the ring nonstop since receiving it in the post and everywhere I go I get questions about it. I also treat it like a pet of sorts and have even changed it’s name from “Leonard” to “Leoponardo Dicaprio.” And the flamingo and leopard necklaces are worn both in tandem and on their own and gather just as many compliments. I feel like an unofficial brand ambassador. Truly, there’s nothing I love more than being able to say to someone, “yes I can tell you where I bought this, I can give you the exact web address and I can tell you that you aren’t going to weep when you get your credit card bill after buying.” I guess I’m in the right job then, eh? Considering that’s more or less what I do every day of the week here.

Go jump onto And Mary. Support a budding designer and also score some insanely original Christmas gifts. 

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Just a girl, writing to the world, telling them to love a brand because you should 😉 


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