Christmas in London: Festive Afternoon Tea at The Connaught

Even the biggest bah humbug will find it difficult not to give into the season’s holiday cheer after an hour at The Connaught’s Festive Afternoon Tea. From gingerbread men chocolate fondue to a cotton candy finish, this is the ultimate in Christmas fun to be had in London town. 

As with every afternoon tea, you can expect the usual delights. Tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones are all part of the menu. But, The Connaught puts their special twist on the classic event. The sandwiches are switched up to match the seasonal atmosphere, with flavour combinations featuring egg mayonnaise with winter black truffle, slow cooked turkey with butternut squash, smoked salmon and many more. Be careful as the staff will notice your favourite and bring you more! Then there are the cakes. The Connaught Festive Afternoon Tea cakes are miniature masterpieces. In fact, I couldn’t help but feel guilty biting into the perfectly crafted candy cane ball or the expertly sculpted chocolate snowflake. These seemed like Christmas ornaments, meant to last forever, rather than sweet treats created for the ultimate festive indulgence. 

Perhaps the most picturesque moment of the afternoon tea stood atop the cake stand. Two gingerbread men sat next to a “jacuzzi” of hot chocolate, waiting to go for a dip, before meeting their destiny between my teeth. We filled our bellies with savoury sandwiches and sweet cookies and cakes and nearly forgot all about the scones, served with clotted cream, homemade strawberry jam and lemon curd. However, I like to think there is always room for a scone or two. They are too perfect here to leave behind.

As we were leaving we were greeted with one final surprise, a treat to take on the road. The hostess delivered two enormous sticks with cotton candy (“candy floss” if you are from the UK). We walked out the front door with bellies that shock like bowls full of jelly and smiled our whole walk into Berkeley Square, where we finally finished our sugary moment under the light of the Christmas tree.

Now just try and tell me if it gets more festive than that!

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