Christmas Gift Guide: For the Foodie

While this Christmas gift guide is technically with the foodie in mind, most of these presents can be given to just about anyone on earth and they’ll be happy! I mean who doesn’t like snowflake shaped marshmallows or peppermint bark? And just as a side note, I’d be happy to find any and all of these items under my Christmas tree in 2017.

1. Williams & Sonoma Peppermint Bark 2. Nespresso Creatista Machine 3. Unicorn Tears Gin

4. Rosanna Decanter Tags 5. Liquid Courage Decanter  6. Fireman’s Tool Drink Stirrers 

7. Williams & Sonoma Hot Chocolate 8. Might Be Bubbly Mug 

9.  Le Creuset Heart Shaped Iron Dish  10. Williams & Sonoma Snowflaked Shaped Marshmallows

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