Where to Stay, Iceland: Sandhotel Reykjavik

For those of you looking for a hotel in the centre of Reykjavik, Iceland, that reflects the historic heart and soul of the city, while also providing a comfy contemporary space and service, look no further than Sandhotel. From the city’s best cinnamon buns (oh so important) to a concierge service that is rumoured to be the best in town, this is most definitely a getaway spot that needs to be on your radar. 

On my first night at Sandhotel, I was lucky enough to dine with not on the general manager but also the owner and the designer behind the hotel – all women, by the way. This is the dream team and I wish it were feasible for every guest checking in to meet this trio of ladies. The way in which they speak about their hotel is like a mother speaking proudly of a child. It’s obvious they have worked tirelessly in creating their idea of perfection in hospitality with Sandhotel.  They have the room size, decoration and amenities perfectly in place to accommodate even the most picky of guests. The food is, quite simply put, on another level. The tales of the world’s best cinnamon rolls are true. And yes, I did have a doughnut eggs Benedict for breakfast. Are you starting to see why I absolutely adored this hotel? 

This is, however, just the beginning of the Sandhotel’s story. They are brand new to the scene and already stealing the stage, as far as I can see. The hotel itself is made of of historic townhouses, transformed inside to meet contemporary requirements. This is a subtle hotel, not wishing to disturb the elegance of the city street, but rather wow their guests with the surprises that lay in the common areas and guest rooms. And their respect for their neighbourhood talent is heavily reflected in the rooms themselves, from textiles to sculptures and paintings on the wall. 

Now a few words about must dos. First of all, make sure you spend some time shopping. Ask the concierge for tips. This hotel is made up of a group of employees that are incredibly proud of the locals that run shops, eateries and more in walking distance of the hotel. They are all too happy to tell you where you need to be for whatever your heart desires. Also, head into the bakery on site and fill yourself with pastries until you have popped the top button of your jeans. You only live once and this place is worth every calorie. And of course there’s the restaurant next door, that is equally delicious. Last, but certainly not least, if you are lucky enough to stay in a suite, make sure you enjoy the spacious bath with a view of the starry sky, northern lights or all day sunshine, depending on the time of year you visit. If it weren’t for the fact that Iceland is simply the most magical place to visit, I would suggest never leaving the hotel at all! Yup, it’s that good. But again, this is Iceland we are talking about. You gotta get yourself out there!

Here’s a look at my adventures at the Sandhotel, Reykjavik, Iceland, and a few snapshots from the streets surrounding the hotel. 

Adventures in the local area:


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