What I wore in Iceland Day 3

So, what does one wear to hike glaciers, snowmobile and pet beautiful Icelandic ponies? Well, there’s really no official uniform for such activities. The only thing you need to really worry about is not freezing to death. It is cold in Iceland during the winter months. It’s so cold your tears freeze. So cold that the water molecules in your breath freeze on contact with the scarf protecting your lips from getting frostbite. So yes, dressing does present a bit of a challenge for this harsh and unpredictable weather. Thankfully I had friends who had been before and warned me of the elements. They advised me on packing the right coat, being well equipped with mittens, scarves and hats at all times, and, most importantly, layering like my life depended on it.

Saying that, there were four pieces to my wardrobe, that all came from the same retailer, that truly saved my bacon. And this white coat is my hero piece for my Icelandic adventures. It comes just ahead of the boots, that I bought as I thought they looked fantastic. These boots ended up saving me from being a slippery mess on ice. An ice skater I am not, so I was thankful for the grip. This is all just to say that these pieces are tested to their limit and they all deserve shining reviews, hence why you’re reading about them here!

What I’m Wearing:

Coat, Scarf, Hat, Boots

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