Style Update: Knit from head to toe

All week I’ve been hearing people complain, here, there and everywhere, about the weather and the need to wear heavy clothing. Come on! How can you not love that we are in a season where oversized comfy clothes are totally fashionable? You can practically wear your duvet out of the house in the morning and you’d probably be saluted for being a trendsetter. In fact, I bet someone would ask you if it’s a new designer they haven’t yet heard of. Go on, give it a go, with a great statement boot and a big old belt. My point is this: sweater weather is the best weather. Well, it’s my best weather anyway, and my knit closet is currently exploding, partially out of excitement and also because I own more sweaters than any one person should admit to in a lifetime. So, apologies in advance if you see a great many knits popping up on FFG over the coming months. I’m embracing the season and I’m doing it today in head to toe knitwear and feeling fabulous! 

What I’m Wearing:

J Crew Factory Sweater Blazer, Hermes Bracelet, Ralph Lauren Skirt (last season), NEXT Boots

Ralph Lauren Bag


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