Happy Necklace: All you’ll want for Christmas (too soon?)

Ever heard that phrase, “a smile is contagious?” I’ve always felt it was true. Sometimes I’ve been in the lowest of moods, but a simple smile from the barista at Starbucks turned things around. My parents taught me to always smile through everything – to share as many as you can with as many people as you can. You never ever know when someone might be desperately in need of a friendly face. Why mention this? Well, sometimes the world isn’t always ready to smile back. Some days you do have smile-less hours and what if there were a way to guarantee a smile all day, every day, coming right back at you? Alright, that may seem like a stretch under normal circumstances, but I swear this new discovery has magic pixie happy dust attached.

I’ve been wearing this QVC Discovery, The Lisa Snowdon Diamond Happy Necklace, for a month now and I swear I’ve never had so many people compliment me on my choice of accessory, and smile while doing so. It’s one of those pieces that’s unexpected. It’s a piece that commands attention, but does so with great curiosity. So yes, I’ve been running around town telling the world and anyone else that will listen that QVC does the cutest little pieces, just like this one, for prices that are actually pretty insanely affordable. And I hope this isn’t too soon, but I’d like to say that this is the absolute perfect Christmas gift. Hoping that two of my best friends aren’t reading the blog today as I’ve already purchased two more as friendship necklaces. Yes, I am a woman in her late 30s that is buying friendship necklaces. I will never grow up!

{Lisa Snowdon Diamond Happy Necklace}


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