Five Friday Favourites: Tricks and tips to the finer things in life

This week’s “Five Friday Favourites” is all about shortcuts to living the fabulous life. Or, I suppose, little things I’ve discovered that make mine all the more fantastic, from real roses that will last all year (without needing watering) to a book that will showcase the highlights of one of the “it” places to visit. 

1. Away x Gray Malin Suitcase 

I have been obsessed with this range of suitcases since they first debuted. But, collaborating with photographer Gray Malin takes this brand to the next level of lust-worthy. The pastel coloured cases, which are available in every size, feature Gray Main’s photographs in the lining. For me, this is like opening your case and reminding yourself that you are packing for a grand adventure every time. So so chic! 

2. Charlotte Tilbury’s Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask

This is something I have written about before, and I’m shouting it out again as I’m currently using it nightly to make my Barbados tan last for as long as possible. It truly is the way forward for those seeking an eternally summer face, without the sun worshipping! Plus, it just makes your skin look absolutely incredible and glowy! What’s not to love?

3. Village England Fulmer Bag

I have long said that anything with a stirrup is a fashion piece for me. I blame my Ralph Lauren addiction and his addiction to the equestrian way of life. But, here’s something that’s stirrup focused that isn’t RL. In fact, it’s from one of my favourite British leather bag companies and I always love supporting a local outfit. These bags are perfectly priced and look about ten times more expensive than what you’re actually paying for them! Done and done. 

4. Weekend Journals Provence Travel Book

This year I visited Provence for the first time and fell in love. I blame my good friend Milly and all her fabulous tips on where to go and what to see while we were there. Everyone should have a Milly while they are in Provence, and this is where things get a bit crazy. I’ve always said everyone should have Milly and now they can. Milly has only gone and written her second book on Provence. The writing, the photography, the knowledge of the land… it will all blow you away. It’s printed beautifully and is definitely a handy guide for any future visitor! 

5. Fleurs de Paris Roses

There’s a funny story behind my first delivery of Fleurs de Paris roses. The boyfriend didn’t really look into why these were so special and the day after they arrived, he decided to water them! Ugh. Boys. These roses are actually flowers that can last for up to a year and require no water at all. And yes, they are real roses. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t care. I just know that they are the first plants or flowers that I can keep alive – as I don’t have to remember to do anything with them. Anytime anyone comes over now they always ooo and ahhh over them and say I must be very lucky to get regular deliveries of such beautiful roses. Well, the secret’s out now, isn’t it? 


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