Charleston Eats: Sandwiches at Tattooed Moose

If you find yourself in Charleston in the wintry months ahead, I’ve got the perfect place for you to seek out some serious comfort food. That’s not to say that this is only for winter! Quite the contrary, actually. These pictures go back to September, when I walked through the doors of the Tattooed Moose in Charleston, South Carolina, in search of the famous Duck Club, for the very first time. Chances are, if you have heard about this restaurant previously, it will be because of Mike’s Duck Club. I can tell you the rumours are true…. it’s just about the best sandwich you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

I took two of my best friends along with me for the dining experience, for two reasons really. First of all, lunch is more fun with friends (and beers), and secondly, two more people means two more plates to pick off of. So, we set in ordering one sandwich each and awaiting the culinary treasures that were to come.

Three sandwiches arrived, a classic Rueben, the Duck Club and the Thanksgiving Sammy. While the former two are self explanatory, the Thanksgiving Sammy may be a little less obvious, so let me explain. It’s basically your Thanksgiving dinner, and all the fixings, thrown between two giant pieces of bread. Can you think of anything better? There’s no need to cook the whole dinner and make a leftover sandwich, you just go straight for the leftovers with someone else doing all the work. And yes, it was delicious. In fact, everything was delicious. It was indulgent and calorific and totally worth the trip.

At the end of the meal, after we’d all taken bites from each of the sandwiches, we took a poll. Which one would we order again? The timing of the question was of course somewhat flawed. We had all had so much to eat that the idea of eating again sent us over an unexpected edge. After taking a moment and re-approaching the question, it was decided that the one thing you absolutely must try at the Tattooed Moose is the Duck Club. The mix of Duck Confit, bacon, smoked cheddar cheese and much more was almost too much for our tastebuds to comprehend, yet it all seemed to flow together in perfect harmony. 

Tattooed Moose

1137 Morrison Drive

Charleston, South Carolina 29403

Note: No reservations taken! Just show up!

 Classic Reuben:

 Mike’s Famous Duck Club:

 The Thanksgiving Sammy:


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