Style Update: These boots were made for gawking

‘Tis the time of year for boot shopping, ladies. And I have to just come clean and say that while I love wearing boots, shopping for them is always a bit of a frustrating experience for me. You see, I wasn’t born with calves that resemble straws. In fact, my calves look more like baguettes. Ok, maybe that’s not a great comparison so let’s just stick with the facts. I have calves that are large and as they’re large, they make boot buying impossible. Only occasionally I do find a place where I can shop for boots for the season, and when I do I like to let me fellow “bold calves” ladies know where to go. So, let’s jump right in and talk about these merlot coloured knee high boots that come in size “super curvy.”

These boots are from JD Williams. If you guys follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been appointed a member of their newly formed Colour Council and my job comes with certain responsibilities- manly hunting down the best pieces they have available in full on colour and making sure their audience knows the scenario. But, in being a part of such a project, I’ve also discovered oh so many items that I’d love to share with you, dear FFG reader. So from time to time, if you’ll allow me, I’d love to showcase a few reasons JD Williams should be on your radar and we’re kicking off with these deliciously rich knee high boots. This is only the start of their boot range in curvy calf sizes, so get involved if you are looking for some quick wardrobe updates. For now, however, give these a go and see how you get on! And check out the Lifestyle section of their blog for a feature I’ve put together on my best boots for the season!

What I’m Wearing:

All from JD Williams

Dress, Bag, Boots

FFG worked in collaboration with JD Williams. 


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