Style Update: Pink with a touch of leopard

I grew up with three brothers. Pink isn’t something I usually do. Ok, occasionally I have my pastel moments, but it still feels like the most unnatural thing to wear. There must have been a moment somewhere where one of my brothers said that pink was my identifier as a girl and I so badly wanted to be one of the boys that I banished the thought of wearing pink and tried my best to seem super into G.I.Joes and baggy cargo pants. Oh the funny things we do to try and fit in as children. Now, 30+ years later and I’m embracing pink in a whole new way. I don’t just drip feed it into my wardrobe, I wear it loud and proud. Take today’s coat, for example. This is the item that carries the ensemble. It’s not just pink, it’s that dusty pastel pink that’s as girly and fabulous as it gets, and it has a leopard collar to boot. And you know what? I’m quite simply smitten. I think it’s beautiful and feminine, but strong and commanding. In short, it was a coat I did cartwheels over when I found it. 

What I’m Wearing:

Pink & Leopard Coat, Cashmere Sweater, Jeans, Flats, Clutch 


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