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The best part of my day, every day, is all about discovering something new. I’m always and forever on the hunt for something that will stand out in fashion. That’s the whole point of this game right? Well, that’s what I thought for so long. I thought the be all and end all was a great piece of product that I could introduce to people and that they would love instantly. But, somewhere along the line (and very early on in this game), the real joy in taking part in this whole crazy world of blogging presented itself. It’s all about people, you guys. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into the fashion version of Tony Robbins. I’m not here to give self help talks or to get you pumped up about the day ahead. However, I am going to share a story that motivated me, in the hopes that it will motivate you too. Heck, if I can’t use this space to brag about amazing people, making great strides in the world of fashion, then what are we all doing here? So, without further ado, I’d like to formally introduce to you, and present the story of, Navy Jane

The dress I’m wearing in the pictures herewith is from Navy Jane. No surprise there. That is what I tend to do – wear the product I’m sharing. What is surprising, to me at least, is the inspirational story behind this brand. Lauren, the founder of Navy Jane, is one of those incredible people who doesn’t need to say much to share the passion behind what she has put together. In fact, she used so few words in telling me her story, I actually had to go back and count. Thirty-two words, that’s the exact count in the three sentence message she sent me that had me immediately responding and asking if she would mind if I did more than just model the dress from her collection.

At this point, I’m hoping I’ve hooked you and reeled you in for more. Here’s what you need to know. Navy Jane was developed because Lauren saw a gap in the marketplace. Lauren’s a nurse and the stress of her job caused her to gain some weight (we’ve all been there, ladies, which is why I wanted to share this for everyone to read in black and white). When it came time to go shopping for some new clothing, she found there wasn’t anything available that fit the bill. This is usually the point at which I go home and cry into my pillow – shopping can be so depressing for those of us that aren’t a size four. But, Lauren decided to take a different path. She only went out and created her own clothing label, to fill the gap in the market for not only herself, but for other women struggling to find fashion that fits and looks great. Navy Jane, a nautically inspired preppy brand, was born and made with women sizes 12-24 in mind. And, if you can believe it, Lauren still manages the brand on top of committing her day to day life to nursing. If that doesn’t deserve a standing ovation, I don’t know what does (picture me standing and clapping in my office right now, please).

If you are on the look out for a great preppy look and you’re struggling to find the right fit, give Navy Jane a go. I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with your first order. And make sure to drop Lauren a line on Instagram or on the site. This is girl power at its finest, supporting the women that are brave enough to put it all on the line for a passion. That, ladies, is worth shouting about and worth a minute or two for words of inspiration and encouragement. Lauren, today you are my hero, and I’m rocking the dress to prove it… and spread the good word! 

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