Style Update: The hunt for the lost camel coat

When I was studying in Florence, Italy, my mother came over for half term and we made an epic train journey up through Italy, into Switzerland and eventually arrived in Paris, France. It was my first time in Paris, actually my first time in France at all. I was overwhelmed by the city and fell in love instantly with the moody side streets, the pastries and endless shops. Of course there was a lot more to love, but at that moment all I was interested in was shopping and eating. Oh wait, nothing at all has changed there. I’ve been back and forth to Paris, from London, more times than I can count now. I’m lucky that the work I do takes me back to the big city on a pretty regular basis. But, there is one memory that sticks out above them all and it all goes back to that first trip to Paris and a purchase I will never forget – my first camel coat.

When we arrived in Paris, it was absolutely freezing. When I say freezing, I mean to communicate that it was so cold that we could only really be outside for an hour at a time before having to find a place to thaw our hands. Even Parisians were telling us this was the coldest they had ever experienced. So, I was in need of a coat and my mom thought it was time for me to grow out of The North Face phase of my life. I needed a real coat that a stylish woman would wear. So we went into Galeries Lafayette and my mom bought me the most beautiful camel coat I had ever seen. I wore it every day that winter. In fact, I wore it for years after that. I brought it to London with me and every time I stepped out with it on I felt as if I was taking my mom with me on a new and grand adventure. Then one day I lost said coat. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with a late night out, one too many cocktails and someone running off with my beautiful camel coat at the close of business, as the coat check was emptying. These things happen. But, ever since I’ve been on the look out for a coat with the elegance, style and wearability that was present with my mom’s gift. 

Last week I made the discovery and I made it with a brand, Me+Em, that I have been salivating over for ages. Well, in all honesty, I’ve been salivating from a distance as I was following them on instagram, as suggested by a friend. But, the day I walked in and put hand to fabric, I knew this was a match made in heaven. Not only did I fall in love with the perfect camel coat you see herewith, I also fell in love with every other piece of their autumn winter collection. It’s not often that I trip upon a brand that is simple and classic with their concepts, and relaxed as all get out about the whole situation. Me & Em is a brand that is comfortable in their own skin, in what they are putting out for the world to consume, and in being such, they attract a consumer that I like to think is exactly the same. So just a word of warning, you will be seeing a lot of them in months to come as I adore them. It’s a love affair for sure. 

What I’m Wearing:

Me+Em Camel Coat, Polo Ralph Lauren Dress (old style), Baukjen Shirt, Boots (old style),

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag


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