Five Friday Favourites: Love, Leopard and Long Boots

posted on: Friday, 6 October 2017

As the weather's officially turned colder for the duration, I thought this Friday Five could feature a few more pieces for those headed into autumn with the need for some new additions to the wardrobe. Never fear, as all of these pieces are available now and most come with price tags that will have you reaching for your glasses to double check you are seeing things correctly...

Alright, so maybe this particular piece we are talking about isn't entirely winter ready. But as I'm writing from warmer climates, I had to share this find that I wore out and about recently as it's one of my new favourite brands for shirts. Baukjen have created a line of shirts, both classic and more fashion, that are so stretchy, yet so high fashion, that the combination almost seems like it's breaking the rules somehow. If you are looking for a piece that can be worn for work and play in equal measure, check this out!

Ladies with larger sized feet, pay attention right now. ASOS have started carrying up to size 10UK, 12US for autumn winter. If you need boots, grab these now and take a look at what else they are offering in this size! 

Saw this scarf and loved it for the plaid without even knowing it had the tweedy thing going on with a simple flip over! Love a fashion item that can be worn two different ways. More bang for you buck. 

The statement sweater continues to rule and I love this one for it's colour and price. Trust me, you won't believe the price.

Just thought I needed to put this on your radar. I've ordered mine, will be delivered tomorrow! I've heard I am going to need it in London. How did it get so cold so quickly? Bring on sweater weather....

More from London on Monday!