Style Update: My Net-a-Porter splurge

I’m about to let you into my one crazy seasonal shopping secret. Alright, it’s not so much a secret as it is an admission of guilt. I have, for about the past decade, added one really expensive fashion piece to my wardrobe every season. This means two pieces a year. These are the items I deem worthy of saving for and splurging on. I don’t always know what they’ll be, but they aren’t inexpensive and they are meant to last forever, for me at least. I buy them with the idea that I’ll enjoy them in this season and for many seasons to come in the future. And, if the universe is kind to me, I’ll one day have a daughter to hand them down to. This is just to say that I, like about 90% of the world that’s obsessed with fashion, do save and hunt for the perfect new additions. I also take a big gulp when the credit card statement comes in and I remember there’s a distinct possibility I’ll be moving home to live with my parents after shelling out the big bucks for said item. Now, this leads me to where I sit today, wearing the garment in question on the steps of the beach house in Maine. 

This is my splurge of the season. It’s a Saloni Dress I purchased from Net-a-Porter and it is quite possibly the most glamorous dress I’ve ever worn in this lifetime. Now, let me explain, as on first glance you might not see the glamour I’ve mentioned. I am, admittedly, wearing this dress quite casually in the pictures herewith. But, this is the beauty of a Saloni Dress. It can be worn dressed up or dressed down, and this particular number has been worn a dozen times already over the summer, every which way you can imagine. Today, it was worn because I needed a pick-me-up and I knew this dress could deliver. It didn’t require shoes, as it was being worn for something as simple as Raisin Bran on the porch. It will be worn again, in coming weeks in Nantucket, and perhaps down in South Carolina and back in London next month. Bottom line here is that you will be seeing a lot more of it, because it cost me a fortune and makes me feel like I am a millionaire when wearing so why not? 


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