Style Update: A Cowboy Coatigan

Yes, we have finally reached a day where it’s cold enough to wear the first coatigan of the season. I can’t believe it’s quite true, but this year the retailers have won at putting out their autumn winter selection right when we need it most. I know September isn’t your usual coat buying, knit wearing month, but you can’t argue with mother nature. She’s announced it’s time to get cozy. 

Now, I have to warn you that this particularly coatigan I’m sporting has caused quite a bit of chaos. I threw it up onto instagram last week after having bought this piece at Zara, in store, on a whim. I saw the coatigan in question out of the corner of my eye, on the way into a meeting, and risked being five minutes late to said engagement to make sure this piece of knitwear mine forever. Apparently, however, no one has seen the exact same one online or in stores. There was a whole rack on display so I know I don’t have the lone dream cowboy coatigan. There must be more. For now, they are not online. However, I did see a neon version of the cowboy coatigan in a London Zara today. I’ll report back (and add a link) when I find it on the site. For now, however, rest assured that this is a sweater to own and cherish. 

The coatigan’s covered. So let’s talk about the bag. This is the Polo Ralph Lauren Lennox Bag and mark my words…. you will be seeing this everywhere. This is the cross body of the season and I’m wearing it like it’s my long lost third arm. I love it! Fits camera, wallet, phone, and I’m off!

And now we’ve reached the end of my style share! Enjoy and good luck on the hunt for cowboy fever (there’s plenty of it in stock this season with Zara… so prepare yourself). 


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