Your “Five a day”… in Sandals!

Here’s hoping you like shoes….and bananas… because that’s what’s coming at you today, a “drive by fruiting” as Mrs. Doubtfire would say. I spotted these fruit block heel sandals a few days ago and actually had them overnighted. It seemed that urgent, and I’m glad I did. I unboxed them and they were the shoes that dreams are made of.

Gold glittery straps pay second fiddle to a bowl of fruit that’s been equally distributed on the shoe from toe to ankle. I feel like a walking Chiquita Banana! Whether you pair them with jeans or a floor length summery dress, these beauties need to be on your radar. Did I mention they are only £48 / $64?! Yes, dreams with low price points really do come true…. (and it all feels so very Dolce & Gabbana doesn’t it?). 

What I’m Wearing:

Fruit Heeled Sandals


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